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The dynamics of combustion of hydrocarbon fuel has forever been a subject of intense research the world over; as also the problems associated with it such as decrease in equipment efficiency through incomplete combustion, consequent carbon deposits and high emission levels.
Flux Hi-Tech, Inc. has conducted exhaustive research into the utilization of permanent magnetic fields in alleviating these problems currently associated with hydrocarbon fuel combustion. These studies led to the invention of the FLUX maxiox™, with its rare earth metallurgy and the unique patented flux-collimator-pervader. The on-field success of this device and continuous research has now given way to the new FLUX maxiox™ ( ß-series ) which, with its patented fusion technology and a better availability of magnetic field, promises to give rapid and effective results.

The FLUX Technology

The most important factors in the flux products are the magnetic field intensity and the collimation of the magnetic lines of flux. It is these two aspects that render the flux products different from any ordinary permanent magnets. The intensity of the magnetic field is far superior to that generated by regular permanent magnets and the collimation of the magnetic fields renders the magnetic lines of flux exactly parallel to each other at extremely high densities ( to the order of millions of lines of flux per sq. cm. ).
These devices are external online installations without cutting or modifying the fuel pipes and the magnetic energy generated through the FLUX maxiox™ (ß - series) is rendered concentric and exactly perpendicular to the flow of the fuel.

Fuel Saving Devices
Fuel Saving Devices