Waste Heat Recovery Systems on DG Set Exhausts

Our Activities & Products

  • Energy Conservation Projects.
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems On D. G. Sets, Ovens, Furnaces.
  • Paint Shop heat recovery systems
  • Waste heat recovery based Adsorption system.
  • Waste heat recovery based ORC.
  • Air Preheater / Recuperators For Thermo-Pack / Ovens / Furneces.
  • Fuel saving Devices for all Fuels.
  • Flux Maxiox Fuel Saving Devices.
  • Thermic Fluid Heating Systems.
  • Waste Heat Recovery On Furnaces.
  • Insulation projects to avoid losses.
  • Heat Pump Dehydration Dryers
  • Flue gas Diverter valves
  • High Temperature Diverter valves
  • Three way Diverter valve
  • Exhaust Gas Diverter valves
  • RTO Exhaust heat recovery
  •  PT Line energy saving
  • ORC power generation
  • Low grade heat recovery Adsorption systems
  • Low grade heat recovery
  • Waste heat steam boilers


Opel Completed 21 years of services to Nation through precious energy & fuel savings

Opel bagged prestigious order from Hyundai Motor India Ltd for India's Biggest Heat recovery system on Paint shop RTO Exhaust.

Owens corning India Ltd , has given an innovative waste heat recovery project order on Glass Melting Furnace Exhaust

Opel received prestigious repeat order no 18 from Rockman Industries Ltd .

Repeat order no. 5 from Honda Cars / Honda Motor Cycles & Scooters India Ltd. is completed (Heat Recovery Systems )