Biogas Plant Model Cost Pune India
  • Air Pre Heaters & Economizer on Boilers – Thermopack, Ovens, Furnaces – Fuel Saving up to 5%
  • Fuel Saving Devices – Guaranteed Fuel Saving up to 10 %
  • F. O. Emulsification System – Mixing of water in F.O. up to 10 % with an emulsifying agent gives complete Combustion of F. O. – Resulting F. O. Saving up to 10 %
  • Conversion of Electrical Heating to fuel firing (Thermal Heating) – gives saving up to 40%
  • Heat repellant coating from Inner surfaces of ovens & furnace – gives saving up to 10%
  • F. O. Conversion Systems – With a proper heating &filtering system, any HSD or LDO fired burner can be converted to F. O. Firing – gives saving up to 25% in fuel cost.
  • Thermal Insulation Project- We can conduct thermal insulation audit for the heating system & reinsulate the system to avoid Heat losses – gives saving up to 5%.
  • Design manufacturing, installation and commissioning of all type of thermal heating systems with the performance guarantee. (Steam, Thermic Fluid, Hot Water, Hot Air)
  • Heat Recovery Chilling Systems, Heat Recovery Based Adsorption Systems, Heat Recovery ORC, Heat Recovery Electricity Generation, Paint Shop Heat Recovery Systems, Thermal Energy Conservation Projects, WHRS Boilers