Air Pre-Heater

Opel offers energy efficient sand reclamation plants with proven technology. Depleting sources of sand, cost of transportation for fresh sand, cost of fresh sand & disposal of used sand are serious concerns faced by foundry shops , our Reclamation plant is all in one solution for all these concerns.

Salient Features: 

  1. Low secondary fuel consumption
  2. Low operating cost
  3. Fully PLC operated process  control system
  4. Smooth & consistent operation
  5. Safe & reliable operation
  6. Adjustable sand feed rate .

Thermal Sand Reclamation - Benefits to Foundry

  1. Replacement to fresh sand
  2. Substantial saving on fresh sand purchase
  3. Reclaimed sand is completely dry - no need to dry like fresh sand
  4. Reclaimed sand requires less binder
  5. Reclaimed sand improves casting quality
  6. Avoids disposal of used sand , minimizes soil pollution.