Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Energy Audits
Energy Conservation Projects
Waste Heat Recovery System on D.G. Sets
Furnace Oil Conversion Systems
F.O. Emulsification Systems
High Efficiency Thermal Equipments
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• Energy Conservation Projects :

Air Pre Heaters & Economizer on Boilers - Thermopack, Ovens, Furnaces - Fuel Saving up to 5%
Fuel Saving Devices - Guranteed Fuel Saving upto 10 %
F.O. Emulsification System - Mixing of water in F.O. up to 10 % with emulsifying agent gives complete Combustion of F.O. - Resulting F. O. Saving upto 10 %
Conversion of Electrical Heating to fuel firing (Thermal Heating) - gives saving up to 40%
Heat repellant coating from Inner surfaces of ovens & furnace - gives saving upto 10%
F. O. Conversion Systems - With proper heating &filtering system, any HSD or LDO fired burner can be converted to FO. Firing - gives saving upto 25% in fuel cost.
Thermal Insulation Project- We can conduct thermal insulation audit for the heating system & reinsulate the system to avoid Heat losses - gives saving up to 5%.
Design manufacturing, installation and commissioning of all type of thermal heating systems with performance guarantee. (Steam, Thermic Fluid, Hot Water, Hot Air)
Solar Steam generation plant - for industrial process heating applications.
Industrial food waste bio gas plants. - For canteen waste
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